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Supply of equipment

Specialists of the "Driveka" LLC will help you with the selection of equipment, consulting in the setup and operation. Possible visit of our experts on your production for the provision of analysis services objects that require automation or commissioning of works purchased in our company equipment.

"Driveka" LLC is your reliable provider of drive technology and solutions based on this technology, as well as equipment for automation of industrial processes and electric power distribution.
We offer products from the following companies:


Control Techniques (UK) is known in the drive technology market since 1985 as company specializing on producing highly intellectual inverters (UniDrive SP, Unidrive M100/200/300/400/600/700 up to 1.7MW, digital and analog DC drives Mentor MP, high precision servo systems (Digital ST, Unimotor FM) and also options – network filters, throttles and break resistors for drive technology.
Drive technologies by Control Techniques is well known in such businesses as: steel industry, handling machinery, paper, glass and plastic productions, load benches in car industry, in energy recycling systems, HVAC etc.


Invetek (UK) was established in 1998 and specializes on development and manufacturing of inverters Optidrive for various uses. Inverters by Invetek are modern high quality devices with competitive price.
A variety of standard made devices with a protection level of IP55 allows their application in highly contaminated environments without a protective container.
Invetek can also interest you in the Optidrive E3 Single Phase series of inverters to control single phase 220V AC drives.


Danfoss (Denmark) has acquired in Russia as supplier of the reliable drive equipment and competitive solutions for such industries as: house and communal services, petrochemistry, food production, metallurgy, mining operations etc. A line of inverters VLT FC Drive and softstarters MCD for asynchronous motors covers all the most used power range from 0,25 to 1200 kW. To apply the different tasks Danfoss developed several series of drives (FC51, FC101, FC102, FC202, FC280, FC301, FC302) which differ in having various protection functions, special parameters and functions configuration menu and in using big amount of optional modules. Softstarters can be both analog - MCD100, MCD201, MCD202 and digital - MCD500, MCD3000.


Sprint-Electric (England) offers reliable and cost effective DC drives for various uses. Among the production of Sprint-Electric you can find small inexpensive analog single-phase drive of 340XRi, 680XRi, 1220XRi series, drives for compact DC motors of 12 and 24 VDC with current up to 2 A of 200XLV series, and also highly intellectual digital DC drives of PL, PLX, SL, SLX, SLE series with output current up to 1850 A. Practically all the drives have an energy recycling function. Sprint-Electric produces a line of supplemental devices for easier integration of DC drives in the technological equipment and for flexibility in solving of different tasks.


Omron-Yaskawa (Japan) is a world leading producer of drive equipment and intellectual high precision systems for motion control. Omron-Yaskawa offers inverters частоты (CIMR-G7, CIMR-F7, CIMR-E7, CIMR-J7, V1000, A1000, J1000), servo systems SGDx, servo motors SGMxH, motion controllers MP2300, middle-voltage inverters FSDrive-MV(X)1S and other components for automation. Noteworthy is the fact that production of Omron-Yaskawa is especially reliable and easy to operate. Using drive technology of Omron-Yaskawa you will be able to complete any task in the context of motion control processes from the simplest – regulation of production line movement speed, to the most complex – control of axle movement of the multiaxle machine.


Siemens (Germany) is a leading producer of component and equipment for production automation, it is well known for a long period on the Russian market. Equipment of Siemens is used in almost all the industries – be it food production or metallurgy, chemical industry of medicine. Siemens offers inverters (Micromaster, Masterdrives, Sinamics), motorgears Motox (Flender), softstarters of 3RW series, DC drives of SIMOREG series, middle-voltage inverters of Robicon Perfect Harmony, Sinamics SM150, Sinamics GM150 etc.

 Fairford (England) was established in 1982 and specializes solely on production of softstarters.

Bonfiglioli (Italy) was established in 1956 and specializes on production of the gears, motogears also produces AC/DC electric drives.

 Hyundai (Korea) produces compact, reliable inverters with vector control for various uses. They are modules N50, N100, N300, N300P, N700.

 ABB (Sweden-Switzerland) has been on the Russian market for the long time and it offers a wide choice of electro technical production, including inverters for various uses (ACS150, ACS310, ACS350, ACS550, ACS800 series), DC drives (DCS800 drives), softstarters (PSR, PSS, PST(B) series).

 Magnetic (Italy) was established in 1976 and specializes on production of electric machines (electric motors) for various uses. They are DC drives (MM, MG 0,75-250 kW series), DC servo motors (BR 0,9-36 Hm series), AC servo motors (BLQ, TOP 0,38-68 Nm series).


"Driveka" LLC also offers complex electric drive systems which can be designed and produced to satisfy your needs.
Our specialists will help you to choose the equipment that is right for you, consult you about configuration and usage. The specialists can provide the needed help onside with analyzing automation objects or testing and deploying equipment purchased from us.